Tips for Distressing Furniture Like a Pro

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Distressing furniture is the process of making wooden furniture pieces look aged or worn out. People who love to collect antique furniture agree that there is a certain rustic charm with distressed furniture. There is a large market for these pieces too and one of the most favorite furniture pieces are dining room tables and chairs.

Wooden dining room tables and chairs come in different shapes, color and sizes. Creating a distressed look is easy but first you must have a certain distressed style that you want. Do you want a shade of paint to peek through the pieces or do you want to reveal two shades? Creating this look is easy. All you need are sand paper, paint remover, paint brushes and two or three layers of different colors of paint. Each color should be brighter than the other to create a dramatic distressed outcome.

  1. First remove all existing paint using paint remover.
  2. After large pieces of paint have been removed, use a tool to remove all paint from the furniture and then completely sand all the surfaces.
  3. Use a tack cloth to remove all traces of paint and sanded wood.
  4. Afterwards, use the brightest shade of paint color and paint it all over the furniture.
  5. Allow this layer of paint to dry completely for at least a day.
  6. Add the next layer of paint; it should be the second brightest color. Paint this all over the piece and allow to dry for at least a day or two.

And now for the finale. The distressing furniture process is all about unearthing the layer of paint beneath the first layer. This is done by using high grit sandpaper and repeatedly sanding the area till the initial layer is removed. Dining tables are huge and usually areas that are distressed are the top surface and the table legs while in a dining room chair, the backrest, arm rests and the legs are the most.

Other ways of distressing dining room furniture is by replacing furniture accents and accessories. Replacing cushions, handles, tassels and glass with old ones will definitely create this well – loved and popular remodeling effect. It does not cost too much when you plan on distressing furniture. All you need is a keen appreciation of the distressed style, a few minutes to prepare your furniture pieces and patience to get everything done perfectly.

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