10 Amazing Wine Barrel Chandelier Designs

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Have you ever thought of making a wine barrel chandelier? This is a great way to recycle old wine barrels plus add a rustic charm in your dining area or your living room. Basically, a wine barrel is a great resource for recycled wood. The many wooden planks used to make the barrel body as well as the top and bottom part of the barrel could be useful in making different furniture pieces. But a chandelier is different. A chandelier could use the many strips of wood as well as the other parts of a barrel. One may need to totally remove every strip and every plank of a barrel to use as a chandelier. Here are some great ideas:

A very simple chandelier design is using around six long strips of wood and connecting these on the top to create the arms. The middle, and the largest part of the chandelier are made of the metal strip that is found on top and bottom of the barrel. The strips end at the very bottom part of the chandelier and kept together with a plate or a rustic ornament such as a metal bottom ball, spikes or a metal pendant. The electric lights are located at the ends of the chandelier’s six metal arms. And to create a more rustic, and romantic, feel, you can replace electric lighting with candles instead.

A wine barrel chandelier could also be as simple as this design found in Houzz.com. The body of the chandelier is cut and the strips of wood are removed and cut into around 12 inches in length. The metal strip on top and the bottom of the barrel is saved and the strips of wood are attached all around the top and the bottom metal strip leaving around two inches of space in between each plank. The entire chandelier is held by metal strips and the lights are located on the inside of the entire piece. The overall effect of this barrel chandelier is dramatic. It illuminates the room with a warm glow.

There are more wine barrel chandelier ideas online. You can bet that you will have a lot of fun checking out each different chandelier and have fun doing each one too. It is recommended that you clean, treat and varnish or stain wood first before using them. Use sturdy pieces to ensure that your chandelier is safe and will look amazing.

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