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Have you ever heard about a wine barrel lazy Susan?  A lazy Susan is a rotating circular server at the middle of a table. It is where you place food or condiments for all the people seated on the table to eat or use. Lazy Susans were believed to have been invented by the Chinese and used in Chinese restaurants.

Now lazy susans made of wine barrels are very popular. The round top of a barrel is cut and then fitted with a rotating disc. The wood is treated, stained and varnished and if the user would like to, this could be painted with any color that they wish. It is easy to use lazy Susans since it could fit almost any size and shape of dining table. All you need to do is to place it in the middle of a table and you are done.

A DIY wine barrel lazy Susan is easy to do. You can make this as one of your DIY weekend projects. First, find an old wine barrel with the lid still intact. Cut the lid completely; you may also include the head hoop in the cut to provide a truly authentic wine barrel lazy Susan appearance.

After cutting the piece, inspect the round piece again. Remove all dirt and stains by cleaning with a scouring pad and some dishwashing liquid. After the part has been cleaned, dry it out completely by leaving it under the sun. Drying it will also reduce the risk of developing molds and remove boring insects.

After your lazy Susan has dried out it is time to place the bearing assembly in the center of the wood. Bearing assemblies that are specifically for this project come with their own screws and other installation hardware; be sure to specify this to the hardware clerk when you inquire or purchase. Attach this part using the screws that come with it.

Rotate the side that is not attached at about a one-quarter turn. Drill a hole all the way through the circle where you placed your mark. Place the big circle on any hard surface. Center the base, the bottom should be facing up on top of the bigger circle. Rotate the base and insert screws to attach the bearing plate. All four screws need to be attached. Varnish and dry your project and after a few hours your wine barrel lazy Susan is ready to serve you.

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