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Shabby chic furniture is basically antique in style and form. It can also be furniture that has been distressed so it could look old and worn down. Shabby chic is one of the most popular furniture types and has grown immensely because of the many ways that one can distress furniture. If you are looking for furniture that will make a great centerpiece for a bedroom or a living room, then a shabby chic piece may be the one for you. Here are some more examples of shabby chic designs to choose from:

Shabby chic antique drawer cabinets are the most popular types of furniture in this category. Pieces look aged and very distressed but still retain their great shape. Just by looking at the body of the drawer cabinet, you can clearly say that it is still as durable as ever! The drawers even retain their bright and shiny knobs or drawer pulls!

Shabby chic chairs on the other hand are chairs that may either be made from wood or rattan and again these pieces look aged and distressed. And looking at the frame and the construction of the chairs, all the backrests and feet are still in great shape. You will never be able to tell if a shabby chic chair has been distressed or it is an antique piece, basically only a professional antique dealer or retailer may be able to do it!

Now shabby chic mirrors are another thing. These are beautiful mirrors on beautiful distressed dressers or simply full length mirrors on antique stands. You can clearly see that this shabby chic furniture has been distressed by looking at the state of the drawer hardware such as the drawer pulls or knobs and of course by looking at the mirror itself. Old mirrors may already have a grainy appearance.

Another shabby chic beauty is bedposts. Bed posts and bed boards may be made to look like they are decades old or even centuries old when these are distressed. Other furniture pieces that could be transformed into shabby chic items at home are sofas, lounge chairs, dining tables and chairs, television cabinets, mantels and dressers. But if you are looking for authentic shabby chic furniture then you can look for beautiful antique furniture pieces online or from a local antique dealer. Antique furniture cost a small fortune but it takes less than 50 dollars to distress furniture and creates a lovely shabby chic furniture design.


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