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A home with a Zen garden design follows a Japanese style of decorating your outdoor space, however the enchanting Zen garden is used as the ultimate theme. A Zen garden is where you will find interesting pieces or garden décor. There is the traditional Zen sand pit where you can arrange the sand and draw interesting lines. They say that using a Zen sand pit allows you to relax and to meditate. In the process, it will help to calm yourself, reduce your blood pressure, and also relax your breathing. Other elements of a Zen garden are shallow ponds filled with colorful koi or other decorative fishes, benches, well-trimmed grass, and bamboo.

Everything should be well kept in a Zen garden setting and to be able to do this, you should learn how to maintain your garden from day one. A contractor or gardener can help you you and provide pointers on how to maintain your garden.

Overgrowth should be trimmed at least one or twice a week. Pruning some plants will enable them to grow stronger and even more beautiful leaves and branches will emerge. Using natural fertilizer on your plants will make them grow healthy and of course free from toxins that are found in chemical fertilizers.

A Zen garden is a peaceful garden and possibly the best maintenance that you could provide your garden is to reduce noise and keep it a serene and relaxing area. The use of water is a great way to relax the body and the mind. With a man-made water feature such as a shallow koi pond, you can meditate in this area for long periods of time without being interrupted by noise. You may also enclose your Zen garden area in a bamboo fence to reduce noise and provide privacy especially in a very busy neighborhood. You can also use water fountains to create trickling water sounds which could provide white noise.

There are a lot of Zen garden designs to choose from, but all in all, a well-kept garden is still the best Zen garden of all.

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