Party-on with a Wicker Bar

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There’s nothing like a bar area to say “I have arrived!” or “Let’s party!” It fosters playfulness and spontaneity and, of course, a bar is a real lifesaver for entertaining. A wicker bar is a fascinatingly useful piece of furniture. Even with its unique weave pattern, it can definitely hold its own in any motif, ranging from modern to cottage, Polynesian to country, traditional to minimalist—and everything in-between.  Examining what wicker is and the various types of wicker is important if you’re considering a purchase. Which type you purchase will—most likely—be determined by where exactly you plan to use your wicker bar. With research, consideration, and planning, you can use your wicker bar to create your ultimate entertaining area.

Let’s begin considering a wicker bar by reviewing what wicker is; the term refers not to the material with which it’s made, but, rather, the pattern of the weave. Wicker has traditionally been made (and still is) from various natural materials including willow, rattan, bamboo, and reed. Nowadays, wicker is also being made from a plastic resin material that is styled into the same weave pattern as wickers made from plant materials—but with the advantage of being more durable in the face of the elements. Though, even natural wickers can now be specially treated so that they resist the effects of weather. With the natural, very organic feel—derived from its timeless aesthetics and clean woven lines, wicker is a solid option for indoor and outdoor use. A wicker bar can afford a room a homey comfort or a chic and mod feel, depending on its style and upon where you intend to set up your bar area.

A wicker bar has many uses—extra serving space for a buffet-style dinner party, an entertaining space in a den, recreational room, bonus room, or basement area; a snack and drinks area in a home theater room, or the obvious bar area at which drinks will be prepared and served (indoors or outdoors). If you’re using the wicker bar as extra serving area for entertaining, you could choose virtually any style of wicker that suits your needs and tastes. A wicker bar used occasionally as extra serving space for a buffet-style dinner party would be lightweight and easily movable, therefore it need not be specifically matched to any particular décor; but it can be, if having that continuity is important to you.  Whereas a bar that isn’t used daily need not match your décor, a bar that is in a static place will probably be the centerpiece of your motif in that room. A tropical-looking bar can help to create an island oasis right in your home or yard. A modern-style bar could make a great bar area for cocktails in a sleek, contemporary living space. The only limit to how to use your wicker bar is your imagination. Since you can find wicker in just about any style and motif, take your time and find that one wicker bar that best suits your style and needs.  And then, the party is on!

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