The Ultimate Guide to Decorating a Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby Chic Living Room Decorating

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A shabby chic living room conjures images of romantic, classic, and fantastic images right out of a Jane Austen novel. Shabby chic designs have one distinct characteristic. They emphasize the appearance of age in furnishings to achieve a soft, antiquated look. Here are some tips to help you achieve a shabby chic look in your living room.

1. Choose a pastel color palette

To start creating a shabby chic vibe in your living room, you need to choose a color palette that provides a vintage aura to the surroundings. Rather than painting the walls white, choose ivory instead. Shabby chic décor tends to become too feminine if you are not careful with the color choice.

2. Add rustic furniture.

There are stores that specialize in shabby chic furniture. Prices for custom-made ones vary, but they usually don’t come cheap. I suggest that you recycle your existing furniture. This can turn into a fun DIY project. Choose a paint that goes well with your wall then paint your furniture. To create a look of wear and tear, sand the corners or paint with a dark glaze.

3. Decorate with lace and faded fabrics.

Pastel-colored floral fabrics make great curtains for a shabby chic living room. You can bring nature inside your home in this kind of décor by using colors like sage green and pale lavender. Quilted fabrics from your grandmother’s heirloom can make an interesting blanket draped in one of your comfy chairs. Rugs are also essential in shabby chic décor. Light-colored, worn-out rugs can look comfortable and inviting in the middle of the room.

4. Accessorize with antique pieces.

Accessorizing a shabby chic room does not require a lot of money. You can find interesting pieces in flea markets that will add to the beauty of your living room. Chandeliers, picture frames, vintage paintings, and fresh flowers are just a few of the many things you can decorate your living room with.

A shabby chic living room requires little money but a lot of creativity. Bringing memories of the good old days is the principle behind shabby chic décor. It will be easy to achieve a shabby chic feel in your living room if you start out with the right color palette then incorporate rustic, faded, and antiquated pieces to your decoration. If you are operating on a limited budget but you want a stylish living room, shabby chi décor is your best choice.

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