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There is an incredibly wide variety of different kitchen accessories from the useful and necessary knives to the superfluous mandolin. Nowadays you can get a tool to do everything in the kitchen but what do you really need? When picking out accessories ensure that you will use them on a regular basis so that they do not waste precious cupboard space and gather dust. Also look for accessories that are multifunctional so you can get the best bang for your buck. Consider how often you will use the new accessory and if you will use it infrequently take into account weather you have an existing simpler tool that can do the same thing. Many great cooks own few obscure gadgets and stick with the classic tools. If you have less unique items the ones you use all the time and really need will be easier to find enhancing the functionality of your kitchen.

Many kitchen accessories can also become elements of decoration within your kitchen. A brilliant red Mixmaster can make a statement on your counter along with providing a utilitarian function. Use different shaped jars to accent the colors and materials within your kitchen while they do double duty holding all of your extra utensils in a convenient location.

Kitchen accessories can not only be the tools that help you cook that delicious meal but also help you clean up after it and keep everything in it’s place. Use drawer dividers, pull out shelves and hanging racks to store all the items you need in the kitchen. This will make items easier to get at and organize.

When picking out kitchen accessories to decorate or use within the room consider the location of where you will keep the accessory in relation to size. How much counter space will it take up versus how useful it will be to you? Also consider how functional it is and how often you will use it. Other good things to keep in mind are the color and the texture of the objects, will they enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen. Do they match the existing style? If you have a very modern and funky space try adding bright colored objects in contemporary materials, like plastics, glass or metals. If you have a feature element in a specific color or material why not add accents in that same material to draw attention to it while creating balance and harmony within the different elements.

Use these tricks to help create a functional and aesthetic kitchen environment.

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