20 Amazing Garden Gate Designs and Photos

Wrought Iron Garden Gates

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Great garden gate designs entice people to go through them. They are the portals to the wonderland that you have tended to with admirable creativity. Without an interesting garden gate, your visitors may not get interested in finding out what this wonderland looks like. The garden gate creates the first impression others have of your garden. For this reason, creating a garden gate should not be taken lightly. You should be carefully choosing the material, size, and shape of your gate.

It is especially important that your garden gate look marvelous if it is visible from the street. It becomes part of your home’s front façade. It should therefore match the architectural style of your house. A modest house can really look expensive if it has an awe-inspiring garden gate to welcome guests.

  • Picket fence – If you have really great landscape in your front lawn, a short picket fence is better than a 6-foot fence. You will want your pretty garden to be visible. A picket fence adorned by dainty flowers makes an adorable focal point. Moreover, this kind of garden gate will never go out of style even for centuries to come.
  • Recycled glass – A modern house deserves a modern garden gate. Recycled glass combined with steel creates a modern vibe. Passersby may not be able to fight the urge to take a closer look. Good thing most recycled glass gates are sturdy and therefore provides a lot of privacy.
  • Moon gate – To create a fairytale-like ambiance in your home, you can create dreamy garden gate designs using stone formed into a perfect circle. It will look even better as time goes by when moss and greenery covers part of the structure.
  • Rustic – Can’t decide how to dress up a flagstone walk? You can create a DIY garden gate from old tree limbs. This rustic entrance to your garden will look great with that natural-looking pathway.
  • Wrought iron – A Victorian-inspired home looks even more picturesque with an antiquated gate. There are companies that offer custom wrought-iron gates so you can pick the patterns for your own gate. It is also perfect for those who wish to feature their family initials into their garden gate.

Gates are functional parts of a home design, but it can also be created in such a way that enhances the look of the house’s architecture. Garden gate designs should be chosen with utmost care since they add to the curb appeal of your place while also providing security and privacy to your family.

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