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It is necessary to place door mats outdoors, but it is something that we often forget. I hope that you don’t think about doing this important thing at the 11th hour when dirt from your shoes has become the culprit to your family’s health problems. Do not wait until your home gets filthy just because you and your pets don’t have a door mat to wipe your footwear on before entering the house. Before you head to the store, read these tips so you will get the right door mat for your home.


Size is one important thing to consider when buying doormats. You will not want a door mat that is too big for your door unless you want your entrance to look unkempt. The door mat should be of the same width as your door. It should be large enough to get noticed and not too small that people will just kick it to the side.


Your outdoor door mats should be something that has an interesting shape. It is one of the things that people will notice first so it might as well add to the beauty of your entrance. If you want to keep it simple, a rectangle rug should be enough as it provides the right amount of coverage. It also tends to stay where it supposed to be: in high traffic areas.


It might be a little confusing to choose between the many kinds of door mat materials. There are ones made with bamboo, woven cloth, rubber, plastic, coir, and cotton. You need to keep away from absorbent materials when choosing a rug for your entrance. That being said, there are three materials that you should not use for an outdoor rug: carpet-topped, bamboo, and woven cloth. Choose and outdoor mat that can be cleaned with a hose so you can clean it as often as needed.

Your home can become the breeding ground of pollutants and disease-carrying microbes if you do not place door mats outdoors. Since the outdoor door mat is the first stepped on by people as they enter the house, they should be big enough to accommodate footwear of different sizes. They should also be made of materials that can take off dirt, mud, and debris off the bottom part of the shoes. They should be non-absorbent so you can just clean the mat by placing it under running water.

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