A Simple Guide to Kitchen Makeovers

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Some key elements to choose when doing a kitchen makeover are the materials and the lighting options. They can make a huge difference in the appearance and functionality of your kitchen.

Materials are important when designing your kitchen. Keep in mind that the materials you choose should be very durable as the kitchen is one of the highest traffic areas in the house. Consider whether something will dent or scratch easily especially on counter and floor surfaces. They should also be waterproof or water resistant as there will likely be many spills that you will need to clean up. Invest in good quality materials and they will repay you by holding up over a long time keeping your kitchen looking nice long after the initial kitchen makeover is done!

When considering lighting in your kitchen first look at the amount of natural daylight you receive in the space. An important thing to consider when looking at daylight is whether you are receiving an even distribution of light throughout the space or whether there are areas of direct light or glare. You will want to maximize daylight and minimize glare within the environment. While you will likely not change the window locations in your home, you can consider this when planning the layout of your kitchen. Try to minimize direct glare from the sun in areas you will be standing preparing food or cleaning up for large amounts of time. This being said the ideal placement for a window would still be directly above the sink as it helps with providing adequate light to clean and cook but also ventilation and a view. If you are getting a lot of glare in this location try adding a valence or blinds.

When looking at adding lighting to the kitchen, consider the three levels of light. Ambient light, or light that fills the entire space giving it an evenly lit appearance. Accent lights or lights that add depth and interest to a space highlighting focal areas. Task lighting or adding extra light in an area where someone is working in order to brighten that space up making it easier to do the task at hand. A great place for task lights is under your cabinets, and above your sink!

Material and lighting can make or break both a kitchens functionality and its aesthetic appearance, so consider both carefully in your kitchen makeover!

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