A Trough Sink in Your Bathroom Means Function and Fashion

Trough Sink Bathroom Double

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Peruse any home decorating magazine and you’ll surely see a lovely bathroom space featuring a trough sink. True, the connotation of barnyard animals slopping at the farm yard trough may not really bring to mind a clean, functioning, and pleasant sink that is the centerpiece of a sparkling bathroom. But, you will be interested to know that the trough sink was originally designed and used only in luxury hotels and other commercial establishments. Nowadays, trough sinks area widely available to homeowners and they offer flexibility and distinct advantages. So, put aside those barnyard images and learn about how you can have a trough sink in your bathroom to create a very easy to use bath space with a very high-end look.

A trough sink in your bathroom gives you such flexibility and choices. The sheer size of a trough sink lends itself to having multiple faucets using the same, long sink. This means that having a trough sink in your bathroom offers multiple uses. This trough sink configuration is perfect for large families. Mornings, nights, and just regular bathroom breaks can be hectic and take a toll on the family bathroom. Picture that long sink with multiple faucets, allowing a few children to brush their teeth or wash their hands at the same time! This is a time-saver and anything that saves time in a large family is a huge bonus. Plus, we all know that kids tend to be messy. A trough sink can also be a mess saver for a family with kids because the design and size of a trough sink allows for the sink to catch much more of the water and other items that get away from them. So, you have less counter space to clean, thanks to that big, beautiful sink.

Trough sinks are also advantageous for master bathrooms, and are making their way into master baths with great frequency. A trough sink in your bathroom creates a very comfortable, ultra-usable bathroom space, with an eye for function, luxury, and style. Of course, there are all of the multiple faucets for multiple people and mess-reducing perks as outlined above. (It’s true; these often apply to adults, too!) But trough sinks also provide an inherent sense of style. Are you and your partner looking for something other than the often used double sinks or double vanities, while still having the ability to wash hands, brush teeth, and the like at the same time? A trough sink is your answer. With their sleek look and the ability to accommodate multiple faucets, the trough sink can offer you all the benefits of a double sink set up, while providing your master bath a fantastic and fresh motif. This means that you can forego the whole overused double sink, double vanity look for the chic, up-and-coming look of a trough sink. All of these positives are great reasons to put your preconceptions about trough sinks out of your mind and give these fabulously utilitarian and classy sinks a second look.

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