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A corner bathroom vanity is a bathroom vanity system that snugly fits in a corner of your bathroom. This is a small vanity counter composed of a sink with faucets, a small counter either from the right or the left of the sink, a small cabinet or storage at the bottom of the vanity (and where plumbing systems may be accessed) and a bathroom mirror. A corner vanity is small but it has a lot of uses that homeowners will really appreciate.

A corner vanity functions as a regular vanity would except that everything is smaller. It is so small that it could fit in a small bathroom of an apartment unit or a condominium unit but at the same time providing enough space for other bathroom elements. A homeowner with a smaller bathroom or toilet will still be able to enjoy the convenience of using a vanity counter with a corner vanity system.

A corner system will fit small bathrooms and often comes pre-assembled. A homeowner could readily purchase a corner bathroom vanity from a local shop or dealer and then install it himself. And seeing that this could be purchased in a set, homeowners will be able to choose from different kinds of bathroom vanity faucets, the kind of cabinetry, the materials used for the sink and the vanity countertop, the type, size and shape of mirror and the type of vanity cabinet. You can match a corner vanity system to the design of your existing bathroom.

This type and size of bathroom vanity fits bathrooms that are relatively smaller compared to others. Bathrooms that you can find in apartments, RVs, guestrooms and in small homes may not enough space for a full-sized vanity system. A small corner vanity will save space while still provide the convenience of using a vanity, sink and mirror.

You do not need to worry about cleaning a corner vanity since you barely have space to clean! Most modern ready-made vanity systems are made of modern materials which make this strong, durable and will even resist stains and grime.

You may also choose to have your corner bathroom vanity custom-made. A contractor needs to make measurements to ensure that this corner system fits and of course plan for the appropriate materials to use. Custom-made corner vanities are basically more expensive than ready-made ones but you can guarantee that you custom- made system will fit and work t in your home.

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