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Do you want to give your bathroom a face-lift without the pricey and time-consuming remodel?  Installing a large bathroom mirror is the answer to your query! Not only do large mirrors transform a bathroom space in looks and in purpose, they come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and shapes. Best of all, they allow you to organize your space in the way that works best for you and your bathroom routines. What type of mirror you choose depends on what you’re trying to achieve aesthetically.

You might be wondering how a large bathroom mirror can give your bathroom a facelift. Two words: bigger and brighter. A mirror makes a room look bigger by adding depth. Of course, it’s not actual, square footage depth, but rather, visual depth—which is the next best thing. And it’s way cheaper than knocking out a wall to expand your bathroom space.

Additionally, a mirror increases the brightness of your bathroom because it reflects light. And the larger the mirror, the more light that it’s refracting and reflecting, therefore illuminating your favorite place to take a soak. All of this enlightening and expanding without having to pick up a single sledge hammer or knock down any walls… and for minimal money. What. A. Deal.

Now on to the style and décor part of choosing that perfect large bathroom mirror (or mirrors) for your bathroom. First, mirrors come in just about all shapes: rectangle (of course), square, oval, and circle. If do your research or luck into one, you can also find the rarer star or heart shaped mirror. You could also find a place that will customize a mirror shape for you. (But this will probably cost more than just picking one up at your favorite home décor store.) Just keep the feel of your bathroom in mind; while mirrors with sides and angles add definition, mirrors that are rounded soften spaces that already possess flat edges and corners.

Second, there is the eternal, mirror-related question: framed or frameless? Framed mirrors are those surrounded by a frame that covers the mirror’s edge. This frame can be made of wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, or resin; and the framed mirrors come in just about any style and décor you can imagine. Now for frameless mirrors—you guessed it, they have no frame, meaning that you see the mirror’s edge. Some edges are flat, some are beveled.

Whether you choose a framed mirror or a frameless mirror is really a matter of taste. If your walls are one solid color, then they could certainly handle a mirror with a frame that coordinates with your bathroom’s décor and color scheme. If your bathroom walls are busier—with a wallpaper or painted pattern, for example—then a frameless mirror will probably be a more balanced pairing. Consider your needs, and the set-up of your bathroom when choosing. Something else to consider: if your bathroom vanity has double sinks, it is often functional and fashionable to have two larger mirrors, one over each sink.

Whatever your bathroom décor, size, or set-up, you will be able to find a large bathroom mirror (or mirrors) to fit your needs and add light, depth, function, and style to your space, which will give your bathroom a fresh-faced feel and your soul the new beginning it desires .

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