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Contemporary Bath Vanity

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If you are modern at heart, then give yourself the gift of time to peruse the various contemporary bathroom vanities that are available, before your embark on your next bathroom remodel. A contemporary vanity can add a sense of sophisticated depth to your bathroom space, with its use of clean lines, a sleek and minimalist design, a definite lack of embellishment, current-era materials, and simple yet elegant hardware. (Keep in mind that the naturalism and simplicity of contemporary vanities are in direct contrast to traditional elements, which usually echo a vastly more vintage, historic style and are big on adornments in look and function.) All of the elements of the contemporary style work together harmoniously to create an efficient yet upscale look, and a classically austere feel.

No bath is too big or too small for contemporary bathroom vanities! They can be used in various bathroom sizes and shapes. In smaller bathroom spaces, the minimalist aspect of contemporary design makes highly efficient use of the less abundant space. This style is so effective in creating a pleasant and inviting smaller bathroom, while efficiently using space and actually making the bath feel larger than it is in actuality.

In a roomier bath space, the simple elegance of the contemporary design features and materials can create a soothingly spacious feel, an almost spa-like atmosphere. Imagine having such a retreat right in your own home! Regardless of the size of your bath space, the contemporary bathroom vanities’ clean lines often offer the additional benefit of space-saving efficiency, since many of the vanity designs you’ll encounter may feature thoughtfully designed drawer and cabinet systems for maximum storage. And no matter the size of your bath, the choices for materials in contemporary bathrooms are truly inspired.

Natural woods, concrete or natural stone countertops, and modest metal or stainless steel are often used in modern design because they complement the look of modern furnishings. They also have the benefit of being highly preferred and desirable material choices for the times in which we currently live.

Much like the size of your bathroom, the size of your budget also does not necessarily dictate your choices of contemporary bathroom vanities. If you’re on a budget, take heart—with a little footwork, creativity, and elbow grease, you can create the modern look you’re craving. For example, you can often find old, mid-century dressers, buffets, or credenzas at secondhand shops, antique stores, or even yard sales. You can usually purchase furniture at these places for a song! And with a bit of conversion work, that ol’ dresser can make an amazing bathroom vanity. Incorporate a complementary sink, some stainless-steel accessories, and your own stylish accents and you will create a contemporary piece that will “pop”.

Furthermore, you’ll have an amazing conversation piece, making your new bathroom a huge hit with those who visit your abode. However you go about remodeling your bathroom, adding a contemporary vanity to your bath is a wonderful way to update your bath space for the 21st century.

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