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Kohler Undermount Kitchen Sink

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There are many different kitchen sink varieties that have different aesthetic appeals. From the new and popular undermount kitchen sinks, which is seamlessly hidden under your counter to the farm style, which protrudes past the counters, the sink can define and enhance your kitchens style.

A self-rimmed or top mount kitchen sink sits on the counter being held on with a ridge that folds over the counter top. These are the most common type of sink and are easy to install and replace. The most common materiality for this type of sink is stainless steel.

Undermount kitchen sinks are mounted to the underside of the countertop and provides a clean edge between the transition from sink to counter. This type of sink is becoming increasingly popular as it adds to a clean and modern aesthetic within a kitchen.

A farmhouse or apron kitchen sink protrudes past the counter top and make a statement within any kitchen. They have a large basin and sit closer to the front of the counter edge making them easy to use. They are great if you need a lot of space to wash food or cook dishes as this style was originally used in farmhouses where there were large families and there would be large meals to be prepared. These sinks are often made from ceramic material but can be made out of stainless steel or copper if you would like to contrast a more modern look with a traditional style.

An Integral sink means that the counter top and sink are made out of the same material providing an even more seamless edge and appearance than the undermount kitchen sinks. Popular material choices for this type of sink are stone, marble, quartz and solid surface. The counter top material must also be water proof in order to use this type of sink, meaning you will be limited in the types of materials for both your sink and counter top with this option. These are made out of very durable materials that can stand up to heat, water and scratching.

When choosing your kitchen sink it is just as important to decide the materiality of the sink as it is the method that it will be attached to the counter. Some of the most popular sink materials are stainless steel, solid surface, copper and stones like granite or quartz.

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