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Home staging is the process of preparing a home for potential buyers by placing temporary furniture in the home which allows them to envision how the home would look with their own furniture. Staging involves a painstaking process of cleaning, arranging and organizing a home so that it would be pleasing for people that would like to buy it. Staging a home may be done for a newly built house or it may also be for an old home.

A new house such as a new apartment, condominium unit, detached home or townhouse needs staging. This is to help new owners to visualize the value of the existing space. Just think about this; would looking at an empty master’s bedroom be better than checking out a newly built bedroom with at least a bed, side tables and lamps? With staging, a homeowner will find a connection to a new property and help him think if this property is indeed the best for him to take.

For an old home, staging is also an important part of getting it sold or rented out. Placing basic appliances and decorations such as a sofa, chairs and side tables for the living room and a dining set in the dining area will somehow help buyers or renters to make up their minds. Experts agree that old homes and properties that undergo home staging get sold faster compared that those that do not.

Now that you know how staging works, it is now time to learn how professionals do it. Huge, million-dollar properties use staging companies to make their properties presentable so that these could be sold for more than its market price. Staging professionals have a lot to do than add a chair or two but they actually do minor fixes and even apply a new coat of paint and use different furniture arrangements to get the job done.

Staging a home for millionaires and for huge property developers includes preparing a mansion or a property for a magazine photoshoot, overseeing open houses, creating a website or blog about the home for sale or even talking to clients and arranging for a personal tour. Home staging professionals become publicists and marketers at the same time!

Home staging helps improve the value of a home but it can also be used to hide some flaws too. By creating a gorgeous living room area, you are distracting clients from the ruined carpeting or a leaking roof. Therefore home staging has its pros and cons and you can take this to your advantage too.


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