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Have you ever thought of a better way to decorate your windows? Here are some window valance ideas to use. A window valance is a piece of fabric that is fastened along the top portion of a window. It basically has several functions. It acts as a decorative piece for your windows plus it also hides curtain accessories such as hooks, trimmings and window frames. If you are looking for great ideas for window valances then these would definitely be the best:

A teen’s bedroom is full of color and a lot of fun. Extend wall color and bedding color over your window valance by taking each color from every accessory or element inside the room. A valance around six inches in width made of multi – colored fabric cornice would be perfect for this room. Make sure that every color is featured in this beautiful valance; sheer curtains will tie up this window treatment perfectly.

Kitchen windows are usually smaller than other windows in other rooms simply because there should be more room for kitchen cabinets. But how do you dress up kitchen windows but still allowing more natural light to fill a room? The best way to do this is by using a simple, textured window valance. Choose a window valance idea that will complement wall color, cabinet color and kitchen backsplash and countertop colors. Combine this type of valance with Roman blinds or sheer curtains to add a little privacy in the kitchen.

To accent a picture window, a window topper with an extreme color would do. For instance, a room with a regular picture window is very plain. Place a large vase with a few flower pieces and some books on the window sill. A large textured valance that extends up to the middle of the window would frame this window almost automatically. There is no need to add drapes, blinds or shutters for this arrangement. The large topper does the trick perfectly.

A dramatic, flowing silk valance would be perfect for a study room, grand living room or a ballroom. Imagine golden silk fabrics with tassels at the ends. The fabric ends flowing from each side of the window. Combine this window valance idea with curtains of rich silk in contrasting colors to complete a stylish and classic look. Valances may also be made of other materials such as wood, metal or plastic. It frames the upper part of the window and provides a charming focal point in any room.

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