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There is no better way to update your kitchen than refinishing kitchen cabinets. Refinishing means to improve the outer appearance of your cabinets; if you have kitchen cabinets that are stuck in the 60s with avocado green paint then it is time to put your cabinets in good shape. Here are some refinishing steps to follow:

First you must inspect the current condition of your kitchen cabinets. Are your cabinets in good condition or do these need a complete overhaul? Sometimes a refinish will just never do; you need to gut your cabinets out and replace them especially when they can barely hold anything! But if your shelves are still in great condition and your outer cabinet surfaces only need a facelift then by all means start the refinish!

First, remove the cabinet fixtures and the old layer of paint. You can do this by using a paint stripper and a flat tool. After applying paint remover, wait for about 15 minutes. Wear gloves to protect your hands and then scrape the old paint away. Use sandpaper to create a smooth and lovely surface. If there are cracks or holes from nails and screws, use wood plaster to fill these up and to even the surface. Once this plaster dries up, sand the area once again and then apply another layer of plaster and do the steps once more.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets could be done using paint or vinyl strips. Applying new paint is less costly and is easier to do. Simply apply the first layer from top to bottom; be careful to cover all the areas that were treated with plaster. If you want to use vinyl strips, simply measure the strips according to the shape and size of your cabinet doors. Cut these and then remove the backing just like a sticker and then stick on your cabinet. Vinyl is very easy to use since you only stick it on the surface that you want to treat but are more costly than paint.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets may be done as needed. If you use your cabinets more often then you should resort to improving the construction of your cabinets by adding wooden planks along the areas that may need backing. The sides could be held with plywood to improve its stability. There are also refinishing cabinet kits available in hardware stores and DIY stores for you to use.

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