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Do you need some ideas for kitchen backsplash tiles? Backsplashes are installed at the back of a stove to protect the wall from splashes, food debris and grease. It is a given that cooking causes a lot of mess even when you are a seasoned cook. A kitchen backsplash protects the wall from debris and at the same time from hot temperatures as well. And because of what backsplashes do, this area of the kitchen could get really messy! Therefore you need an efficient technique to clean your backsplash otherwise this will attract pests and emanate foul odor that can ruin your kitchen.

One of the best ways to clean kitchen backsplash tiles is to use water and dishwashing liquid. Simply remove all cooking items and utensils away from the backsplash and then dilute dishwashing liquid in warm water. Use a scouring pad and then gently scrub the area one tile at a time. Be sure to include the spaces in between tiles since this is where dirt and grime usually accumulate. When you are done, rinse this with cold water and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Hard to remove grime becomes easy when you use baking soda. Aside from a wonderful baking ingredient, baking soda can remove spots, grime and stains on tiles. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda in two tablespoons of water to create a paste. Use a scouring pad or an old toothbrush to apply a small amount of paste on the hard to remove spots. Allow the mixture to remain for about five to ten minutes and then scrub. Rinse this with water and then wipe it dry. You may repeat if necessary.

Lemon juice is another effective cleaning agent that will never leave your hands dry and will never harm your family’s health unlike commercially prepared cleaners. Simply squeeze the juice of a ripe lemon in a dish and use an old brush to apply the juice over the tarnished kitchen backsplash. Allow the juice to remain in the area for at least 15 minutes before you scrub. You will remove dirt and grime plus make your kitchen lemony fresh too.

To avoid caking dirt and hard to remove grime, wipe splashes and remove debris over kitchen backsplash tiles as soon as these happen. Only with care and using safe cleaning materials will your backsplash last for a long period of time.

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