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Modern kitchen faucets cost a small fortune. Using the right cleaning techniques will ensure that your kitchen faucets will stay as wonderful-looking just like the day you brought it home. Cleaning modern faucets is not as hard as you may think; you don’t need special cleaning agents either. The most important thing to remember about modern faucets is to secure its owner’s manual as soon as you take them home.

First things first, modern kitchen faucets are covered with manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties could depend on the model and the brand of kitchen faucets that you purchase. If you are unsure of your warranty, contact your dealer as soon as possible. You should never overlook your warranty since you need it when you need to have your faucet repaired, for any manufacturer’s defects and when you need to order faucet parts and accessories. Keep your warranty card; have your faucet registered online so it will be easy to have it repaired and to order parts.

Read your owner’s manual. Modern kitchen faucets are now like mini computers. These have features that you never thought was possible two decades ago. Modern faucets are now capable of adjusting water temperature and to retain the last known water temperature after you shut it off. There are also modern faucets that self-clean while there are models that have removable spouts. Reading the manufacturer’s manual will help you understand how to clean your modern faucet while there are also tips for proper maintenance. But regardless of the material the faucet is made of, you can extend the life of your faucet by following simple techniques.

Never leave your modern faucet wet; as soon as you are through using it for the day, wipe it dry with a soft clean cloth. This will help reduce white spots, discoloration and ugly stains. For metal faucets, use suitable polish that is recommended by your manufacturer. Do not use commercially-prepared polishes that claim to “clean all” these could only damage the outer finish of your modern faucet.

Never use homemade cleaners such as baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar or acids to clean your modern kitchen faucet. Some faucets are made of delicate material, a smart homeowner checks the manufacturer’s information and recommendation on how to clean these types of faucets. Don’t use scouring pads, sand or steel brushes too; these could damage the outer finish and void your warranty.

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