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If you are thinking about putting up a bamboo fence there are a few things that you should consider before doing so. Some things to consider are where you live, the style or look you are going for, the use you intend your fence to have, and your budget.

Where you live should be one of the first factors you consider when it comes to deciding on which kind of bamboo fencing you want. Different bamboos are effected differently by cold and warm climates. Some types of bamboo can withstand extreme colds while other types of bamboo can only be used in warmer climates. You want to make sure you pick a bamboo that is right for the climate you live in so your fence is not ruined by the first winter it experiences. Once you determine which types of bamboo are best for the area you live in it will be easy to decide which kind of bamboo fence style you are looking for.

Bamboo can come in all shades of brown, green, and yellow so you will have many color options to choose from as well as many decorating styles to choose from. Bamboo fences do not have to just be made with bamboo. They can be built with other materials; for example, setting the bamboo in a wood frame allows you to add some fun and color to your bamboo fence while still having somewhat of a traditional feel to it. There are also different ways to choose how to put the fence together. You can buy individual stalks that have to be secured together or you can use rolls of bamboo that come already put together for you.

A factor that can help you decide which style you are looking for is what use you intend your fence to have. Is the fence meant to cover up an old wire fence? Is it meant to create a relaxing getaway in your own backyard? Or is it meant for privacy? The reason may help you decide on what style you want. If you are looking to cover up an old wire fence a roll of bamboo would be a simple and easy fix. To create a relaxing getaway in your own backyard, a more traditional style might be for you. If it is meant for privacy a high bamboo fence could be just what you’re looking for.

Bamboo comes in a wide range of pricing so it is able to fit any budget. Keep in mind that the more complicated the design the higher the price of the fence will become and the simpler the design the lower the price of the fence will be. However, make sure you are still using a type of bamboo that works with where you live. You may save a little money on a cheaper type of bamboo but if you choose a type of bamboo that cannot tolerate the climate you live in you will end up spending more money to replace it. Take your time when deciding which bamboo fence is perfect for you and your backyard.

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