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These days, the kitchen is often the hub and the heart of the home. Whether it’s cooking and chatting, sharing and laughing, cleaning and horsing around—these all bring to mind warm times of togetherness, with the kitchen island usually being the epicenter of the kitchen socialization. This is why kitchen island lighting fixtures are so important: they set the tone for your kitchen and, therefore, for the moods and feelings elicited in that warm and bustling gathering space. For as many functions as your kitchen and kitchen island serve, there are at least as many lighting fixture options available to you to create the warmest and most useful atmosphere for your kitchen island!

Of the many kitchen island lighting fixtures available, perhaps the simplest are the classic close-to-the-ceiling fixtures. These are more simplified fixtures that seem to hug very closely to the ceiling, but they come in a plethora of styles to meet your needs. Such fixtures provide a streamlined look and ample lighting for your kitchen island. Another type of island lighting which is very popular is the chandelier. Chandeliers are very purposeful, creating a true focal point for your island, while providing all the light you need to work in that space.

From chandeliers with the lights in a linear formation to more circular arrangements, from chic and minimal to crystal to an ornate, French country fixture—the available styles of chandeliers are virtually endless. Either of these two options provides you with just about any look to compliment your kitchen décor and highlight that all-important island work space.

If you’re looking for more modern and multi-functional kitchen island lighting fixtures, track lighting may be right in your wheelhouse. These are classic and often very contemporary in looks. While the lamps themselves on the track are in a linear formation, you have the ability to point those individual lamps in various directions, thereby giving you complete control over what parts of your kitchen island and beyond are illuminated for your cooking needs. Another lighting option that offers multiple lamps in a lovely formation is pendant lights. Though each pendant hangs independently, they come in an enormous variety of colors and styles to fit just about any décor, from elegant to industrial and anywhere in-between.  And that independent feature allows you to use as many or as few as you require to sufficiently light your island.

For a more utilitarian, dual purpose choice in kitchen island lighting, take a look at the fixture with a built-in pot-and-pans rack. While at first blush these might sound like a less-classy choice, these beautiful pieces range from very commercial in design to vintage style to culinary craftsman to quaint and country. And, best of all, they afford you a super-convenient place from which to access your pots and pans in the cooking process.

With all the truly varied, nearly infinite choices in kitchen island lighting, you will no doubt find the most perfect kitchen island lighting fixture for your island and your overall kitchen.

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