The Beautiy of Cream Kitchen Cabinets

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Cream kitchen cabinets will never fail to impress homeowners. There is something about cream colored kitchen cabinets that make kitchens look clean, stylish and updated. You might say that cream is so last year! But in fact, cream- colored cabinets have been in-style for quite some time the thing is this color continues to prevail from traditional to modern kitchens simply because it is lovely to look at. Here are some quick tips on how to paint your kitchen cabinets cream and how to retain the beauty of your cream kitchen cabinets.

If you are painting new kitchen cabinets, apply cream-colored paint in two layers. Sand the cabinet door and drawers completely, make sure that the surfaces that you will paint on is smooth and flawless. If there are scratches and holes on the surface, use wood putty to fill these areas. Simply use wood putty according to manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, one layer is enough but you want perfect cream cabinets so you must sand the surface that you filled with putty and then reapply it. Allow to dry completely and then sand the area completely once more.

Once your cabinets are ready and all the imperfections are sanded away, it is now time to apply the first layer of cream colored paint. Use a brush for small surfaces and a roller for large ones. Dry your first layer completely or at least 24 hours before applying the second color. Dry the second layer for another 24 hours. Apply a thin coat of lacquer finish to keep cream color clean and new.

If you are repainting an old cabinet, make sure that all cabinet hardware is removed before proceeding. Old paint should be completely removed before the first layer is applied. It is natural for old cabinets to suffer from scratches and marks and these should be removed using wood putty and sanded completely.

Cream kitchen cabinets are very beautiful but could become dirty and oily over time. Making sure that this type of kitchen cabinets stays clean will greatly improve the appearance of your kitchen. Other basic components of your kitchen should match your kitchen cabinets; your wall color, kitchen floor color, lighting and your countertop and backsplash colors should also match. Matching all these important elements will create a harmonious kitchen décor. And will greatly improve the beauty and value of your home.

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