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Do you want to know how to properly decorate round dining room sets? The days of simply draping a table cloth over dining room tables have gone and the most updated ways to decorate lovely dining tables are close to nothing but perfection! Make your dining area stand out like a dining room set on a magazine cover with these great dining table centerpieces:

Fresh flowers definitely make any dining set a wonderful piece of furniture! Choose different color flowers and gather these in a large vase. Play with color and depth with tall flower cuts such as tulips and roses and place these in slender glass vases. Flowers make excellent centerpieces, are available all year round and are also affordable. It’s a bonus if you live near a field of wild flowers; you can decorate your dining room table whole year round.

Tall candlesticks in different lengths could make a great centerpiece. Arrange around three or five candlesticks together in the middle of a round dining room set and light them up for dinner or when you have guests. Just minutes before your guests arrive, light your candles and allow the wax to run over the sides along the candle and on the candlestick and put the flame out. Doing so makes a dramatic centerpiece instead of placing stoic unlit candles. Use colorful satin ribbons and tie these around the candles to enhance your centerpiece design.

A bowl of fresh fruits always make a wonderful centerpiece. Select a large platter and fill these with fruits in season or two kinds of fruits with contrasting colors. Randomly place each fruit inside the bowl. Aside from fruits, you may also use veggies again two or three types of vegetables with contrasting designs and textures. Use a large decorative bowl and simply scatter these inside and maybe along the sides of the bowl.

Table centerpieces for a dining table could be anything that can go along with the season. For instance, Thanksgiving could be a centerpiece with a large basket of vegetables, dried leaves, mini pumpkins, corn husks and grass. A wine bottle inside a bucket of ice along with tall and slender red roses in a tall glass vase could be a romantic décor for round dining room sets. Different seasons, different inspirations! You may even draw inspiration from art, crafts and from nature to create a dramatic centerpiece design.

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