Decorative Fireplace Screens for Styling a Fireplace

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Decorative fireplace screens have the advantage of both creating beauty and adding security to your fireplace. These screens are conversation starters, like a piece of art. They come in wide variety of materials, styles, and textures. It is easy to enhance the look of an old fireplace just by replacing or adding a fireplace screen. For an instant makeover that will not break your budget, you can choose from the best fireplace screens mentioned below.

Built-in iron doors

Built-in iron doors are perfect for homes that have pets and little kids running around. The sturdiness of this fireplace screen guarantees that it will not give in to forces exerted such as pushing, pulling and light hammering. Their decorative hinges will surely get noticed by guests.

Polished chrome

A freestanding fireplace screen made of polished chrome can instantly create an elegant vibe in an otherwise simple room. Even interiors with striking accessories can benefit from this kind of screen as it blends well with any type of décor. Adding birch logs to the chrome-screened fireplace can greatly enhance its look.


Do you want to add security to your fireplace without blocking the entire view? If yes, then a clear fireplace screen will work well for your home. Stone and glass creates a timeless mix. This requires regular cleaning, but nothing will compare to its beauty.

Metal screen overlaps

For an artistic interior, custom-designed decorative fireplace screens does the trick. It will silently show everyone your creative and unique style. Great care must be kept in mind when opting for metal fireplace screens, though. It gives off a cool interior, but it will become hot to the touch when the fireplace is in use.

Double duty screens

There are hanging rails that can double as fireplace screen. This is where you can hang fireplace trimmings like the poker, the broom, and the shovel.

Ornate screens

An ornate fireplace screen can only look good in specific interiors like traditional ones. Nevertheless, an ornate screen with scalloped corners and decorative surface will make your fireplace look like it belongs to the royal family.

A fireplace screen should not only serve as a security feature to your fireplace. Decorative fireplace screens should be part of your home’s fireplace design. Doing so will turn it into a beautiful focal point. Even without the fire burning it can still become an interesting part of any room if you choose the right piece.

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