Dining Room Table Centerpieces Make the Room!

Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables

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There’s no doubt about it: tables, chairs, hutches, and place settings are great. But what really makes the statement about your dining room is your table’s centerpiece. Dining room table centerpieces can stand out with a POP! Or, they can tie the entire room, every accessory choice, together into a perfect bow, like perfect punctuation at the end of the sentence. You have so many choices in this area—you can go more traditional with a centerpiece designed around flowers or candles. You could choose a more unique centerpiece—something refined, quirky, or unexpected. Whatever you choose, ensure that it’s a commentary on your personality and style!

More traditional dining room table centerpieces tend to center around candles and flower arrangements. They are just two very natural choices. Flowers are such a go-to because—after all—who doesn’t like flowers? Fresh-cut bouquets of beautiful flowers, placed in a vase that coordinates with the colors of the room, are a lovely accent. And flowers can fit all the seasons—an arrangement of the soft pastel hues of those first flowering plants for spring; a bright and spritely bouquet of yellow flowers and periwinkles or other warm colors set against crisp, white linens for summer; a mix of cattails, mums, and sunflowers surrounded by pumpkins and gourds for fall; rich evergreens accompanied by white and red blossoms—or perhaps poinsettias—for winter. Flowers are such a staple, as are candles. Candles bring such warmth to a table setting; the flicker of the small flames performing their dance on the table top is invigorating and mesmerizing. Candles come in numerous varieties which are beautiful when mixed and matched on your dining table: tapers in their delicate candle sticks, pillar candles in coordinating, larger candle holders, even a cluster of candles placed within a hurricane lantern. All make for gorgeous table-scapes.

There are, of course, many less traditional options for dining room table centerpieces, and these are only limited by your imagination. Fruit is becoming a more used medium for centerpieces, displayed in large glass containers so their lively colors can be fully part of the room. You could choose a favorite sculpture or large bowl, a collection of seashells displayed on a runner, an intricate birdhouse, even a piece of driftwood found on the beach—all would make a truly personalized statement on  the center of your table. Slightly more traditional, yet novel ideas include utilizing a tea cup stand to display favorite tea cups and saucers as your centerpiece; a cake stand featuring a lively plant; displaying twine balls in a rustic wooden bowl; featuring a glass container holding multitudes of river rocks; a mini fire pit giving a bit of ambience—all would make a truly special focal point.

Additionally, a dining room table top is a wonderful place to display a collection of similar items, all grouped together, such as vintage mason jars, coordinating ceramic containers, or even glass containers of varying shapes and heights. Another special centerpiece idea is to collect pretty, manageable-sized branches to put into a taller vase; these can be left to themselves or decorated with small twinkle lights, or even seasonal objects like butterflies for spring, flowers for summer, colorful leaves for fall, and snowflakes for winter—thereby keeping the same basic design year-round, while bringing a bit of the seasons into your dining room. Regardless of whether you choose something more traditional, something more quirky, or a mix of the two, the options for dining table centerpieces are virtually endless.

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