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There are lots of different galley kitchen ideas for the most spatially efficient kitchen layout. It is perfect for straight up cooking as it has lots of counter space and everything you need is close by! Galley kitchens are so efficient that chefs and restaurants often use this layout. However, the traditional galley kitchen does have several drawbacks that are making it less popular. It is difficult to open up creating the sought-after open kitchen concept. The galley kitchen can also be difficult if multiple people use your kitchen at once, as it is easy for two people to run into each other. If you are planning on or looking at a galley kitchen remember to watch the ends, if you have two open ends the kitchen can turn into an aisle way which means people running through it can make cooking difficult. To help reduce this put a door at one end, or look at the circulation in your home and ensure that there are easier paths of traffic between areas.

One of the most difficult things when coming up with galley kitchen ideas is dealing with how closed off your kitchen is. A closed off traditional kitchen style does have it’s own benefits. This style keeps mess and smells at bay so you can enjoy your dinner and other activities without the distractions of a pile of dishes or leftover fish. However, if you love the layout and space savvy of your galley kitchen but wish it was more open, try knocking down a wall and turning it into a long island with seating on the opposite side. If you can’t do a complete demolition of the wall why not try a large open window that can still accommodate seating on the opposite side and view to other public spaces.

There are also different galley kitchen ideas to help open it up without physically knocking out that wall! Why not try running your floorboards lengthwise to drag the eye through the space elongating it. Keeping colors light and bright will always make a small space appear larger and more inviting – dark colors can create a compressing or claustrophobic look. Keep the materiality and detailing simple and clean to avoid visually weighing down the space.  A window or light at either end can be a great focal point and will also bring in extra light making the space seem more welcoming and open. When planning your galley kitchen one of the key factors to a functional and beautiful space is keeping the aisle 4-6 feet in between minimum with up to 8’ being preferable, this will ensure appropriate circulation making your kitchen functional and pleasing.

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