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Do you wan to know how glazing kitchen cabinets done? Glazing is applying a coat of lacquer or finish on the surface of the wood. This process is recommended to improve the appearance of old kitchen cabinets and to significantly increase the value of your home. Here are techniques on how to glaze your own cabinets.

Remove the kitchen cabinet door and drawers, remove the hinges that are attached to the wood and remove handles and drawer pulls. You will only glaze the doors and cabinets as well as the exposed areas of the cabinets. Inspect each piece for holes, cracks and breaks. Fill these up with wood putty. Place putty on holes and cracks and allow to dry. Once dry, sand these completely to achieve a smooth feel. If you plan to apply a new coat of paint before glazing kitchen cabinets then you need to sand the cabinet surfaces completely.

With liquid detergent, soap, scouring pad and a little bit of elbow grease, clean the inside and outer portion of the wooden door and drawers. Make sure you remove oil, dust, grime and dirt from the surfaces before applying glaze. Place these pieces under the sun to completely dry. As these dry up, cover the areas in your kitchen which are near the cabinet area to protect these from splatters and messes.

Apply paint sealer with a clear high gloss spray-on lacquer. This is used to protect the outer layer of paint especially when your cabinets have light or cream-colored outer paint. Allow this to complete dry up for at least a day.

When the paint sealer has dried up, apply the glaze. Apply this in sections. Apply a thin layer using long straight strokes with a brush or sponge. Wipe down excess glaze using a piece of clean cloth. If you want a darker finish, apply a thicker layer of glaze over the area. Experiment on a wooden plank so you will know the best style and strokes to achieve the look that you want.

There are different types of glazes; there are premixed glazes so you do not have to mix your own. There are also different shades and colors of glazes; shop from a large hardware center to find a complete range of shades for your needs. There are also oil based or water based mediums for glazing kitchen cabinets. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the glaze before applying it.

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