How to Make your Own Faux Granite Countertops

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Faux granite countertops are the number one option of homeowners who want the elegance of real granite but do not have enough budgets. Granite countertops provide beauty to any kitchen because of their attractive colors and patterns. A laminate kitchen countertop can look grander if turned into a granite countertop using a simple process.

In order to imitate the look of a granite countertop, you need to familiarize yourself with the look of a real granite stone. Looking at pictures on the internet will not be enough. You need to decide what type of granite you want to imitate for your countertop. When you have chosen the type of granite, you need to go to the home improvement store to examine the texture, the pattern, and the color of a real granite surface. Once you have scrutinized every detail, you can determine the colors that will make up your faux granite countertops. The most dominant color is the base color. Pick three other colors are accents. You will also need other materials like sponges and brushes. Prep the surface first by cleaning and sanding your laminate kitchen countertop. There is no special type of cleaner required. Just make sure that the countertop is completely clean. Start painting the surface with your base color and let dry. You can start applying your first accent color when the base color is completely dry. Do this by dipping a sponge into the paint tray and patting it lightly on the countertop. Repeat the step with the 2nd accent color. Do not forget to let the first accent color to dry first before applying the 2nd color. Do not use the same sponge. Splatter the third accent color by dipping a paint brush into the paint tray and shaking it over the countertop. This will create a splattering effect, making the faux granite look real. Apply polyurethane when all the paint dries up.

Granite countertops are all the rage in kitchen interior design these days. It is not a surprising trend as granite is a beautiful, durable, all-natural stone. The problem is, they can really drain your wallet. This is why faux granite countertops have also become popular among budget conscious homeowners who wish to have an elegant-looking kitchen countertop. With just the right amount of planning and preparation, you can also have your own granite countertop just by using 4 different colors of paint, sponges, brushes, and a little creativity.

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