How to Shop for the Perfect Solid Wood Dining Table

Solid Wood Dining Room Table

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A beautiful solid wood dining table can serve as a focal point of your dining room. Shopping for the right dining table requires you to examine form and function of each piece you get interested in. Here is a guide that you can consult when looking for the perfect dining table.


Your dining table should blend well with your kitchen design. A modern kitchen calls for either very pale or very dark wood. If you want your kitchen to look glossy and polished you should work towards a modern kitchen. Solid woods can also help you achieve a warm, homey feeling in your kitchen.  Solid wood dining table with carved legs placed by a bay window makes an inviting breakfast nook.


To expand your kitchen space, use whitewashed solid wood. Opt for round tables as they take up less space than rectangular or square one. The ideal space between your table and wall is 60 centimeters. You should also take note of the table height if you are buying the chairs separately.

Seating capacity

Each person should have at least 55 centimeters of space to occupy. For small kitchen spaces, avoid chairs with armrests as this will require an additional 10 centimeters of space. Whatever kitchen style you choose, make sure that each family member can easily access the dining table without hitting the corners.


Your dining table should not wobble with applied pressure. You will not have this problem with solid wood tables that have dovetail joints. Joint construction is the principal proof of quality in furniture. Look for reinforcing blocks on each corner before purchasing a piece as this is a sign of good craftsmanship. Another facet to look for in genuine solid wood are beautiful markings or black flecks that were brought about by mineral deposits.

When choosing a dining table for your kitchen, you have to consider style, size, seating capacity, and quality. Solid wood provides aesthetic appeal to any kitchen style. A solid wood dining table is easy to maintain. You can bring it back to its brand new look after being severely damaged just by sanding and painting with faux finishes. When shopping for solid wood furniture, you need to have the skills in spotting the real ones over fake pieces. The undersides should have the same kind of wood as the table top. Check these factors when shopping for solid wood furniture. A genuine solid wood can give you the beauty and functionality that you are looking for in a dining table.

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