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Freestanding kitchen cabinets are a great way to add extra storage and counter space to a kitchen. Since they aren’t fixed to a wall they are easy to add or remove or adjust without having to repaint or hire a handyman. Freestanding cabinets are very diverse as they can range from a small island with mixed open and closed storage or they can double for a pantry so you can pick which one is right for your kitchen and needs. When choosing an additional freestanding cabinet to add storage or surface space to your kitchen, think about what kind of space you have left, do you have an open wall in your dining area and need somewhere to store your good china try a tall closed storage cabinet with glass for display purposes. Inversely if you find you need more surface area to cook on but don’t think your kitchen has room for an island, why not try a mobile freestanding cabinet that you can bring close to your sink or oven while cooking then store in a corner when your not using your kitchen freeing up the space and allow for more circulation.

Freestanding kitchen cabinets can do more than just add counter and storage space is a great way to delineate your kitchen. Try placing a faux island between your kitchen and dinning areas to help separate the two areas by function. This is an easy and quick way to add an island without undergoing construction. Worried about not matching your cabinets perfectly? Try adding visual interest by choosing a completely different color that complements your kitchen, this will also draw the eye to the cabinet making it a focal point. Or try mixing wood and paint together to bring texture and interest to the room.

The addition of a freestanding kitchen cabinet can be a great way to increase functionality in your kitchen, but what about doing the entire kitchen with freestanding cabinets? There are both benefits and disadvantages to this. The addition freestanding cabinets are easy to move and install without the help of a professional but they are less space efficient than permanent cabinetry and you may wind up with gaps between the walls and cupboards. They can also look mismatched if you are not careful not only in color but also style. The best way to avoid this is to pick the same cabinet and repeat it, as you would do with traditional permanent kitchens – using the same doors and drawers over the span of the kitchen. If you plan on doing freestanding kitchen cabinets for your entire kitchen make sure that versatility is more important than cohesion to your to the room!

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