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Whether you want to make the most efficient use of a small kitchen with limited storage or just want to be able to keep the most important kitchen utensils at your fingertips organizing your kitchen cabinets can help you save time and make your life easier.

The first and easiest rule to organizing kitchen cabinets is to keep like elements together, like all of your baking supplies in one set of drawers, that way it will be easier for you to remember where you kept something that you use less frequently. To further elaborate you should also keep the items that you use most often close to the area you do most of your food preparation. Store them in easily accessible locations and keep the objects you use less frequently in higher or more awkward spots.  However, just keeping things together and close will not be enough to keep most people organized, try using bins, containers, lid racks and shelf dividers to make sure everything has a place and you don’t have to move a million things to get to the one you need. Another great idea is to get pull out shelves in your cupboards, that way you can easily see all of the items you own and find the one you need without loosing them in the backs of drawers.

Utilizing space outside of cupboards and on your countertop does not have to seem cluttered. By using tricks like a metallic knife holder or a beautiful jar for your utensils you can everyday items in reach and in view without feeling messy or out of place. Tupperware and containers can be one of the most difficult things to keep organized in a kitchen. By stacking the bases and using shelf dividers to organize the lids standing up you can keep your containers coordinated and straightened out. Color coating your containers can make this even easier. When organizing your kitchen try to utilize forgotten spaces like the backs of doors where you can place hanging organizers to further segregate commonplace items.

Regardless of the method the keys to organizing your kitchen cabinets are apparent, group like items together close to where you will need them. Divide things up into smaller groups and isolate those groups in containers or bins than stack and store things in the most efficient way possible using dividers and containers that match the object.

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