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If you need ideas for kitchen makeovers, then look no further. Here are some of the best ideas with photos. There are so many things that you can do to make your kitchen look and feel new and the only way for a successful renovation is smart planning.

You first need to assess the current issues that your kitchen has. An outdated kitchen could be facing issues such as ventilation problems, outdated flooring, defaced kitchen cabinetry, chipping backsplashes and tiles and poor lighting. Fixing any kind of issue first is the best way to go through a makeover.

After addressing pressing matters in your kitchen, the next step is to think of an updated wall color. As interior decorators say, changing wall color is the cheapest and the easiest way to update any room; and of course this applies to your kitchen too. Wall color depends on the size of your kitchen, the style of the area and the amount of natural light that it receives. At present, the most interesting colors are dark ones such as navy blue, red and brown which give small to large kitchen warmth and style. Dark colors also make the area inviting and is also resistant to spills and stains considering these wall color hides these imperfections perfectly! And of course you should consider your own favorite tones after all, this is your kitchen.

The next thing that you must consider in your kitchen makeover plans is updating your kitchen countertops and backsplashes. If your counters and backsplashes are already chipping or scratched you may think about updating these into new ones. Choose patterns and colors that match your wall color too. You may choose from natural stone or laminates which are versatile and very affordable. A great tip is to find bargain pieces from quarries or wholesale distributors so you can get a huge deal.

Your kitchen floor could also use a makeover. Your kitchen is a high traffic area and your new floors should not just be beautiful but these should also be durable and resistant to scratches and spills. Most homeowners love hardwood but these could be easily scratched and stained and are also very expensive to install and maintain. The most efficient and low cost alternative is laminate flooring. Laminates look just like hardwood or natural stone and are available in different colors and textures. These are easy to install and are very modern too- perfect for modern kitchen makeovers.

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