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Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

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A kitchen backsplash can be difficult to choose because of a seemingly endless variety of options, not only in color but size, shape and texture as well. With these kitchen backsplash ideas the process can become much easier. Once you have decided what type of backsplash you want to use based on cost and durability you can start to pick the fun stuff. When deciding on the size of your tile look at how large the overall area you plan on tiling is and pick a tile size that is proportional. Think of how high you are planning on tiling up your wall, do you plan on stopping at the base of the cabinets or is there a gap in your cabinetry where you plan on taking the tiles all the way to the ceiling of the kitchen.  The surface area you are planning on tiling can be a great indication on whether you should go with a smaller mosaic tile or a larger ceramic tile. A larger tile will look better in a larger area; this isn’t to say that you can’t use a ceramic tile under your cabinetry or a mosaic tile all the way up your wall. Proportion is important to a space allowing it to look put together and well thought out, making this good rule of thumb if you are having trouble choosing.

One of the most popular kitchen backsplash ideas is using natural stone tiles but the material can be difficult to clean and it can easily gather dust. This choice is not optimal for a kitchen backsplash and when looking at texture for this area remember that you want a tile that is smooth, easily wipe able and does not have extra groves to retain dust and dirt. You can however create a faux texture appearance using a smooth tile with a unique shape. Instead of a textured face try an arabesque tile, an elongated hexagon or squares of different sizes. You can also try changing the orientation from being long and horizontal to vertical or diagonal to add a playful touch. A tile with a variety of colors or shades in it can also provide visual texture without the nasty crevices to gather dirt of the physical texture in natural stones.

With these kitchen backsplash ideas you can add a unique flavor to your kitchen. Why not try exposing your backsplash behind open upper shelves? Or get everyone in your family to paint one tile adding a lasting keepsake right into your family’s walls.

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