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Why watch movies in a movie theater when you can have your own living room theater! With the right audio and video system, comfortable seating, room ambiance and carpeting, you can recreate a movie theater in your own living room. Invite your friends over for a movie marathon soon!

First you need a great television or projector unit to watch movies in. a large flat screen television, size 42” and above would be perfect for a home theater. Place your television in the best distance from where you want to sit.

Next, arrange your sound system. A surround sound system is very important to create that theater – like noise and vibrations. Home theater systems have a left and a right stereo speakers, a center speaker, two back speakers and a subwoofer. You need to arrange these speakers along the area of the room to create that amazing sound effect you can find in theaters.

And of course a quality home theater receiver/DVD player/Blu-Ray player should be your choice. This piece of equipment is placed at the middle of the room so you can access it conveniently using your remote. In a living room theater set up, a single remote usually controls the television, DVD player and speaker system. You need to program your home theater receiver to work with your television and speakers.

Still another concern is where you will sit to watch movies. You may use an existing comfortable couch or if you wish to really get the feel of a real theater, use movie theater seats or reclining couches to make you feel comfortable from head to toe as you watch your favorite movie or game!

Having large picture windows in the living room could be a drag but you can cover these with drapes or thick curtains. Covering your windows and other natural light sources reduces glare on the television screen and allows you to focus only on the screen. You may need to turn off the lights every now and then and therefore a convenient switch near the seats or remote control lighting would be the best alternative.

Finally, you should consider making the room more conducive to watching movies by improving your carpentry. Consider wall to wall carpets and the use of an air conditioning system for your living room theater. All things considered, possibly the last thing to prepare are sodas and popcorn! Happy viewing!

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