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Mudroom Bench With Storage

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Mudroom storage can be a multi-purpose cabinet/hanging closet/shoe closet that you find upon entering a home. Mudrooms are not really a room but a small space or an area where people coming from the outside of a home spend a minute or two removing and storing their shoes, fixing or folding their umbrellas and hanging up their jackets. This area has a lot of uses but mainly it helps household members and guests to keep organized before entering a home and even before going out of a home.

Storage bins and cabinets are highlights of mudroom storage. Cabinets of different sizes and shapes may be used as places where different items may be stored. Large cabinets with a lot of shelves could become shoe holders along the bottom shelves and a place to store shawls, scarves and hats and of course a shelf where you can place gym clothes, mats, cycling helmets and so on. Basically, the more shelves a cabinet has the better!

A large mirror would work great in a mudroom. Certainly you would want to check on how you look one last time before you head out of the house. A large oval or rectangular mirror would be great and of course lighting is essential to allow you to view your image easily.

Have a small bench ready especially if you have little ones at home. Everyone needs a bench where he could sit and take off his shoes or a place to put on shoes as well. Make sure that this bench is well padded and are safe to sit in especially for little bottoms!

Have a space in between storage furniture to hang clothes on. Just a simple wooden panel with three or more hooks would work. You could use more hooks for more members of the family and if you have more items to hang such as hats, gloves and scarves, a tall coat hanger would possibly do. Place this in the corner or right beside a tall cabinet so it won’t easily fall off.

Sometimes mudroom storage may not be enough especially when you have a lot of a family members at home. You may instead add wooden bins or rattan boxes as well as tall containers to place wet umbrellas and wet shoes and boots. Mudroom cabinets and storage could become dirty easily and thus frequent cleaning is important.

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