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Diy Pallet Patio Furniture

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Are you looking for cost efficient yet lovely patio furniture? Then pallet patio furniture is your best bet. The wood is from wooden pallets which were used during the transport and shipping of usually heavy objects; a lot of furniture craftsmen use pallet wood since these are versatile, durable and are affordable. It is most commonly used for any kind of furniture at home but its rustic charm makes pallet wood a perfect patio furniture material.

Patio chairs and sofas made from pallet wood are found in different shapes and sizes however these range from simple box-like chairs to luxurious painted sofas. One such amazing transformation from pallet wood to a beautiful patio sofa is a long sofa painted dark brown. And instead of simply sitting on wood, a soft cushion is placed along the surface. The back of the sofa is made even more comfortable with throw pillows of different shapes and sizes.

Still another piece of patio furniture that can be made from a pallet is a lovely lounge chair. Pallet wood on a the chair must be sanded down to create a smooth finish, then every part of it should be painted. This piece of patio furniture is a long shot away from looking like used pallet wood anymore! It is now a stylish lounge chair on your deck. It also has a cushion to sit on and a few throw pillows have been placed to make it more comfortable to sit on. A creative variation of a lounge chair made of pallet wood is a lounge chair for two. Basically it is a chair that could occupy two people and still has the same creature comforts such as cushions and pillow cases.

A patio swing made of wooden pallets is super fun for kids! There are so many designs for this swing but the most common design is simply a chair that has a backrest and armrest suspended on strong ropes. The chair/swing is decorated with comfy cushions, pillows and a blanket. This piece of pallet patio furniture will certainly be the highlight of your patio and backyard in no time!

A table made of pallet wood is a perfect centerpiece for your patio. You can have a tea table or an elevated dinner table or bar table. If you plan to hold parties or eat in your patio then this is definitely a good idea to use. Still there are so many type of pallet patio furniture that you can create out of this versatile wood which makes it a great way to recycle too.


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