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Living Room Color Ideas

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Here are the most amazing living room paint ideas that you can do yourself using these easy DIY techniques. Yes, you do not need the costly services of a painting contractor to repaint your living room. With the right tools, the best techniques and a little bit of patience, you can transform a ho-hum living room area into a work of art!

The Chocolate-Colored Room

The inviting nature chocolate-colored walls will make your living room look bigger, more dramatic and definitely look more stylish. You will need two tones of chocolate brown colored paint to perfect this style. The darker colored brown will be on the main wall which is where all the center of attention is such as the wall where the flat screen television is or where the fireplace is set. The lighter shade will be for the rest of the walls including the ceiling. The rest of the room uses the same color scheme and that is chocolate brown for the rest of the sofa and furniture pieces and a much lighter shade for the carpet. Color is sprinkled across the room on different accessories such as the different colored pillow cases, the distinctly red and blue colored vases in a cabinet and so on.

The rule that is followed with this living room paint idea is that you need to create harmony with the larger pieces in a room as well as the wall, ceiling, carpet and furniture color. A harmonious design and color scheme in every room will ease the eyes and thus appear inviting to your guests.

A Relaxing Blue Room

There is no doubt that the most exciting color this season is blue. There are a lot of living rooms online and in magazines featured in this beautiful color. Blue and all its many shades are relaxing to the eye and create a fleeting feeling too just like the feeling of being in water!

In using blue shades, you simply need to stick to one shade for the entire room. However white is an essential secondary color to use along wooden panels, window frames and door frames. White color is also used to accent trimmings on fireplaces and moldings on fireplace mantels. And what the color blue does to your ordinary furniture is nothing but amazing! This cool color matches with just about any kind of furniture color; you can have bright red upholstery, yellow – colored sofas and different colored carpet and your room will still look great. All in all, blue is a great color to create depth and drama in a room but not to the point of overwhelming the eyes.

A Heavenly Green Color Room

Green colored paint and all the different shades of green are all great color combinations to create an inviting living room area. What is great about green is that it relaxes the eyes and allows you to focus on the different textures that you can find in a room. For instance, a forest green wall with white ceilings will help relax you; you will now be able to check out other unique accents of the room such as the pristine white furniture covers, the different colored books on a white bookcase or the gold pillows on the white sofa. Green’s many shades are also considered hip and stylish just like the color apple green which is popular in teen rooms and even in master bedrooms. Juicy apple green paint makes the walls pop out and even if the walls are bare, you will find yourself transferring your focus from one area of the room back to the juicy wall. Still another perfect green shade is mint green which is a perfect nursery wall color. The shade is simple, very warm and is a perfect living room color for a small home such as a living room space in a condominium unit.

Be Bold with a Red Room

A tempting red wall color is for the bold and the smart homeowner. Why is this so? This color is all about power and whenever there is a red the area will certainly have an energetic flow. Red is a fiery color, very warm and inviting. A lot of homeowners fear red and they are unsure whether they could tame this wonderful color. But the secret to using red is to paint only three or two walls red and the rest white or other contrasting color. You can pepper red accents all over the room such as a red love seat, a red lamp or a shocking red carpet. Doing these will make the room more inviting and less fearsome.

What about other living room colors?

There is definitely not a rule that you cannot use any other color in your living room. In fact, why not experiment other colors such as orange, purple, yellow and pink colors? Think about it, you can always remove paint color by applying another color over the old one! So it does not matter if you make a mistake, you can always repaint your walls next time!

Smart homeowners have a simple solution to this. You may use online paint tools or apps on your mobile phone just to find out if a color is worth trying out. You may also use color samples that you can get for free online or from your local hardware store. There are a lot of great ways to find out if the color is right for you, all you need to do is to be patient and soon you will arrive at the ideal living room color.

It pays to try out a lot of living room paint ideas. It is only through checking out pictures and images of different homes online that you will finally get the inspiring look that you are searching for in your living space. You should also use these methods in choosing the ideal wall paint color for other rooms in your house such as the bedroom, bathroom, dining area and kitchen. Have fun repainting and redecorating your home!

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