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Are you looking for the best small living room layout ideas? If you think it’s hard to design large homes, then think of how you could design small living rooms less than 100 sq. feet! When coming up with the best design layout for a small room, you need to consider a few basic factors. Here are some tips.

Choosing furniture for your living room is the first thing that you got to do. Furniture pieces should be appropriate since you only have a small amount of space. Living room furniture pieces should consist of seating units such as a sofa and an armchair, a table, shelving, side tables and lamps. Keep your pieces to a minimum so plan hard as to which will stay and which has to go. Some great furniture pieces that improve the size of a small room are tall lamps, sofas raised from the floor and mirrors. Oversized furniture pieces will also enhance the size of a small living room so be sure to include an oversized chair for yourself!

Another great ideal in looking for small living room layout ideas is to use large art pieces. This could be a large painting, a large vase or a wonderfully over-sized mirror with a beautiful frame. Another idea is to paint your living room area with contrasting colors. Choose your main wall and two wall colors. Paint three walls with a lighter color and paint your main wall with the darker color. This practice will make your room larger by making your room more dramatic and stylish.

Aside from the basic furniture pieces, you should choose smart pieces that will help you save space. Some of the most popular furniture pieces are sofas with pull out ottomans, a folding table for your side tables and so much more. You can find a lot of great space-saving furniture ideas online or from actual furniture outlets that manufacture space-saving furniture.

And of course living room layout ideas also include other factors such as lighting for the living room, window treatments, living room floor overhaul and so many more. Include in your layout the different ornaments or decorations. As a rule of thumb, smaller accessories and ornaments have to go. You should use tall vases with long stemmed flowers, large paintings and other large decorations; avoid small items that will only look like clutter in your newly renovated living room.

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