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Choosing the perfect dining table centerpieces creates a huge difference in the ambiance of your dining room. While the rest of your dining room décor might restrict your choice of table centerpieces, there are many of them that you can do on your own. Here are a few suggestions:

Family tree centerpiece

Take an olive tree from your garden. Take out old photos you have of everyone attending the intimate party, or of special memories of the group. Bring paper clips from your office then attach them to the pictures. Tie a twine or a string through the hole of the paper clip. Tie these to the tree branches.

Autumn candles

Decorate your plain candles with leaves in assorted shapes, size, and color. Just apply a decoupage medium unto the back of the leaves then stick them evenly on the pillar candles. You may also use white or transparent glue to make sure the leaves don’t fall off. Finish with another coat of the decoupage medium.


Take a 6” glass bowl. Gather sand and some succulents from your garden. Pour a layer of activated charcoal unto the bottom of the bowl. Place your succulents strategically inside the glass bowl. To remove sand and dirt, use a paintbrush to gently wipe them off the leaves. Using a spray bottle, water your terrarium just enough to keep them moist.

Fresh flowers with a twist

Fresh flowers are the most commonly used dining table centerpieces. To make yours unique dress it up a little bit. Cut a piece of scrapbooking or specialty paper. Make sure it is long enough to cover the whole vase, but shorter than the height. Wrap the strip of paper around your vase. Embellish with buttons or beads. Fill the vase with flowers of your choice. Make a few more and line them up at the center of the dining table.

Gold rocks

Collect rocks or buy some from the garden center. Spray them with gold paint. Let dry. Place candles at the center of a decorative plate then arrange the stones around the candles to create a unique table centerpiece.

Repurposed old bottles

Bring out your old mason jars, liquor, and wine bottles. Wrap each in twine, burlap, or lace cloths. Decorate with beads or buttons. Line up at the center of your dining table.

Adding a unique centerpiece to a dining table makes your guests think you are someone who pays attention to detail. Having to buy fresh flowers everyday may become a little too expensive, so here are some unique dining table centerpieces that will last for a while.

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