The 7 Styles of Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

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There are many different varieties of kitchen cabinet pulls that you can use on your cabinetry. They give unique appearances and can help create the right look for your kitchen.

Bar pulls

Bar pulls are straight and linear; they can be flat or cylindrical. Typically they are simple and can add to a sophisticated and a contemporary aesthetic. They match flat-faced cupboard doors completing a modern and sleek aesthetic.

Arc pulls

Arc pulls are similar to bar pulls but instead of having a flat bar with two posts the arc connects to either side of the cabinet creating a semi-circle that naturally allows you to use it as a pull. Similarly to bar pulls they come in all different lengths and you can get a longer version to create a more dramatic look within your kitchen.


Knobs are a round ball that protrudes from the face of the cabinets they are a smaller and more discrete option that are perfect if you want to keep guests attention on other elements of your cabinetry. They can also come in varying levels of detail to add an interesting sublet touch to your kitchen.

Cup pulls

Cup pulls are shaped like ΒΌ of a sphere with an open bottom that allows you to grab them from underneath to open your cupboard. They are ideal on drawers as ergonomically they match the motion naturally used to open them. They can be easily mixed and matched with knobs to provide variation within your kitchen. Visually they are often associated with country chic kitchens.

Drop handles

Drop handles protrude and hang from the door and swing freely. They are often more ornate and detailed matching a traditional kitchen style well. Think of pairing them with a recessed or arch panel door front to make your kitchen cabinet pulls stand out.

Recessed pulls

Recessed pulls are built into the cabinet face providing a grove or indent for you to open the door. They are sleek and modern and can provide an almost invisible uniform face along the front of your cabinets. Since they are built in they are more difficult and costly to replace often involving a whole new cupboard door. They can blend in seamlessly with the material and color of the cupboard or can have a metal finish.

Ring pulls

Ring pulls are a small ring attached to a prong sticking out from the cabinet, they are small and this can make them difficult to use especially in a high traffic area like the kitchen.

Use the built elements in your kitchen to find the right kitchen cabinet pulls to both match and stand out!

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