The Benefits of an Undermount Kitchen Sink

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An undermount kitchen sink is a great way to create a clean minimalist and sophisticated look in your kitchen. They are becoming an emerging trend, as they allow for more counter space and tend to look more sleek and modern than traditional drop in sinks. Under mount sinks work by attaching the top edge of the sink to the underside of your counter, so there is not lip around the edge. There is more than one way to make this connection but it typically involves screwing the bottom of the sink into the counter top along with an adhesive to help create a seal. The most important thing to understand with this installation is that it provides less support that the traditional drop in sink and must be done by a professional to ensure that your sink will stand up to the weight that will be put into it. The last thing you would want is for your brand new sink to fall down into your cupboards the first time you fill it with dishes and water! While this connection is a little bit trickier to install it does leave a beautiful seamless edge detail.

Other than the obvious aesthetic and important installation distinction what are the pros and cons to an undermount kitchen sink versus a drop in one. With an under mount sink you can swipe all of your crumbs straight into the sink without being stopped by the edge, making everyday cleanup easier. It also makes it easier for your sink to overflow, with this in mind you must also ensure that the adhesive used to attach the sink will not weaken if it gets wet. Under mount sinks are great for expensive counter tops as you will be able to see more of the material! However be careful if you are using a softer material as the drop-in sink protects edges of the counters that are a notorious week spot. Don’t forget that since drop in sinks have been around much longer than there under mount counter part there will be more options to choose from and they will be easier to replace in the future.

If you have decided an undermount kitchen sink is right for you, why not try playing with the contrast between the sink and the counter, because the detail is simple and seamless you have more freedom to make a statement without overpowering your kitchen.

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