The Benefits of Kitchen Island with Seating

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The most sought after feature for many people when it comes to kitchens is a kitchen island. Not only is a kitchen island a great source of extra counter top space, an increased work area, and some definition between your kitchen and living areas; but a kitchen island with seating can serve as an additional eating space. It also provides a very workable space for families to multi-task during meal preparations. And, a kitchen island with seating adds a social aspect to your kitchen space because it encourages family, friends, and other visitors to your home to spend time with you in the kitchen.

How much seating and the type of seating your kitchen island can support is often dictated by the style of the island and the space within your kitchen.

Of course, a kitchen island with seating, like most islands, supplies you with that always needed extra counter space for preparing food;  for cooking, if the island is equipped with a cook top; and for rinsing or washing dishes, should your island have a sink and/or dishwasher installed. The big factor that all these aspects have in common is that they allow you, the cook, to face to front of your kitchen and work in a more inviting and open way, as opposed to facing a wall as your work on another counter top.

These marvels of modern kitchens also provide the kitchen space with increased definition between the cooking space and the living space—especially in a home with an open floor plan or great room set-up. But it’s that seating component of an island that really brings people together. Imagine a family using an island in the afternoon and evening hours: your children sit at the island to complete their homework or perhaps to talk about their day with you as you prepare dinner. It fosters togetherness for a family by creating a multi-functional space for the family to gather and still complete routine tasks—while basking in each other’s company.

Kitchen island seating also unites people when you have family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances over by allowing your guests to be present with you at the hub of your home as you wash dishes, prep food or drinks, or cook a meal. You’re chopping or stirring as they sit at your island and you both are able to enjoy time together talking, laughing, and joking as tasks are completed. You may even benefit from a guest offering to help!

Certainly, the size, style, and number of seats for your kitchen island with seating are determined by the size of your kitchen. Luckily, there is a complete array of seating options available, so that you can find something that will best suit your needs and your kitchen space. If your kitchen is large, then it certainly could accommodate a large island with full sized chairs for seating—perhaps even a table-style attached counter space that could serve as the “eat-in” area of your eat-in kitchen. Another option to allow for a large number of seats at your sizeable island would be wrap-around seating—where the seating covers two to three sides of the island.

The number of chairs you have at your island would certainly be influenced by the number of people in your household and the frequency with which you entertain. If your kitchen is smaller, then perhaps a raised countertop area with 2-3 stools would be more appropriate—just enough space to enjoy a quick breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Whichever category your kitchen fits, a kitchen island with seating adds versatility to your kitchen space. And there are endless choices in materials, practicality, and aesthetics to create the look, feel, and utility you desire. With all these benefits and more, the kitchen island with seating is rapidly becoming a must-have in people’s kitchens.

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