Choosing the Ideal Bathroom Window Curtains

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It can be hard to decide what style of bathroom window curtains are right for your bathroom window. Bathroom windows can be all shapes and sizes and are not always placed in the most convenient places. Sometimes they can be large and cover most of the wall, preventing any privacy you would expect to have in your bathroom. No matter the size or shape, there is always an option out there that fits your bathroom window exactly how you want it to.

If your bathroom windows are small, there are many creative ways to keep them looking stylish while still getting the privacy you’re looking for. Consider curtains that are made especially for the window. Have them hemmed to fit your window perfectly so they have a nice clean look to them. You could also sew ties to each one, then you could tie them up and out of the way when you want to let some light in. A fun idea for decorating a small bathroom window would be applying a shutter to it. This would give your bathroom a homey feel, while still allowing you to have the privacy you want. Another option would be using panel curtains. Panel curtains are easy and simple as well because they come in many different prints, designs, textures, and colors, so they are easy to place with any decor.

Some bathrooms have windows that are much larger, however some of the small curtain ideas may work just as well with larger windows. For example, classic hanging curtains and panel curtains would both look great with larger bathroom windows. They would provide an adequate amount of privacy, while still looking nice. With larger windows, you could also consider a curtain and blind combo. Having blinds will ensure privacy, while still incorporating decorative curtains as a style element.

Not all windows are rectangular in shape. If you have arched windows, you still have many curtain choices to choose from. You can hang bathroom window curtains directly under the arch of the window leaving the arch open, allowing light into the room, but giving you privacy at the same time. If you do not want to leave the arch uncovered, consider draping curtains over the arch giving the window an elegant style.

If you have rows of windows in your bathroom, hanging curtains are always a great choice. You can hang matching curtains on each window, giving the windows a uniform look. If you are looking for something a little different, you can create a frame with your curtains. On the two outside windows, hang one long curtain. On the middle windows, hang short decorative curtains. This will give your bathroom windows a unique and stylish look, which is very easy to achieve.

Bathroom windows are special because no two bathrooms are the same. This gives you tons of freedom in your decision making. Bathroom windows come in all shapes and sizes and so do bathroom window curtains. There is a bathroom curtain that is right for you, no matter the location or size of your bathroom window.

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