The Many Options of Kitchen Sink Faucets

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Choosing the right kitchen sink faucet for you can seem overwhelming with the amount of options on the market.

Choosing the right aesthetic for you is simpler than it may seem. Whether you are redoing your whole kitchen or you are just replacing the faucet you will have many elements already chosen in your kitchen that can help you decide which one will be right for you. Ask yourself are the features in my kitchen liner or curved? A great designer secret is to keep the architectural language of a room similar. If you have arc pulls on your cupboards consider using a curved kitchen faucet. Look at detail as well, if your cabinet doors and handles are ornate and antique look for a similar faucet. Similar materiality can easily make a kitchen look coherent, if your hardware is stainless steel try matching your faucet to it!

Apart from the aesthetic there are several different types of kitchen sink faucets, which have different practical features. Pull down and pull out kitchen faucets allow for a detachable component, which can allow for ease to wash large pots and pans, rinse out a sink, or fill up a coffee machine on the counter next to the sink. Kitchen pot filler faucets allow for a similar but slightly lesser range of motion by having a extra long and bent spout this can allow for them to extend in and out to a larger range that typical faucets, these are often also placed above an oven to do just what their name indicates. They can also be ideal if your oven and sink are close enough to each other that it can extend reaching both.

However, don’t forget when your designing the layout of your kitchen that you will want space on either side of your sink and oven, for food preparation or cleanup! Faucets not only come with extended range for easy handling but you can find faucets with features that can help with water filtration and hot and cold water regulation. Temperature controlling faucets can be great if you are constantly boiling hot water or using cold water from bottles or the fridge but are often seen as an extra tap as many can’t be used for any type of temperature regulation. Take these things into consideration to help you find the perfect kitchen sink faucet.

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