The Most Highly Desired Granite Countertops Colors on the Market Today

Granite Counter Top Colors

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Because of the wide array of granite countertops colors, the material has become the popular choice in many home designs. Granite is commonly used in countertops, tables, fountains, and fireplaces. Its main components are feldspar and quartz which makes the stone resistant to chemicals. The granite colors usually found in homes these days are vibrant with contrasting accents. Here is a list of the most in-demand granite colors used in countertops:

  1. Black – Modern kitchen owners enjoy the benefits of black granite in their kitchen countertop. The primary source of this granite color is South Africa and Australia. The white, gray, and light blue accents of black granite from these two places create the perfect gleam to a modern kitchen that is made even more stylish by light-colored cabinets and walls.
  2. Brown – Brown granite comes in different shades. Starting from light beige to deep chocolate, the accent streaks of this granite color is usually dark brown. This color is perfect for Victorian-style homes. It intensifies cabinetry and flooring of the same color range. The flexibility of brown makes this granite color easy to decorate and redecorate.
  3. Red – China and Brazil are the main sources of rose and burgundy granite countertops colors. Black, beige, white, and brown are the usual accents seen in this type of granite. It creates a warm vibe in a kitchen especially when paired with golden accessories and furniture.
  4. Green – Another versatile color for a kitchen countertop can be provided by green granite that vary in shades. They can be absolute green to light green with specks of black and brown. This color can create a dashing kitchen interior whether the accessories are dark or light.
  5. White – White granite have the widest variety among all colors. It can come with different accents ranging from the dark colors black and gray to more gleeful colors like red and blue. Because of this, those who want a white granite countertop will surely need a much longer time to decide the right pattern for their kitchen.

The wide array of patterns and colors make granite the top choice in kitchen countertop materials. Other than that, it has many other desirable characteristics. That being said, as a homeowner, you may find it confusing to choose from the many granite countertops colors. You should know which color goes well with your kitchen design. It is one of the most attractive kitchen countertop materials but you need to pick the best shade to spruce up your kitchen.

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