The Natural Splendor of Rustic Dining Room Sets

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The dining space is often the heart of the home. Harken back to simpler times, when telephones only made phone calls, all food was organic, and families sat down together around their rustic dining room sets to leisurely share their meals and chatter about the events of the day. Rustic dining sets are generally comprised of wood. But these days, what qualifies as rustic can also have some more dramatic touches to make the set truly unique and memorable. With that generally woodsy look and feel, rustic dining sets are often right at home in decors that are more natural, outdoorsy, and earthy.

There was a time when all dining tables were made of solid wood, for that was the only material our forbearers had from which to craft their furniture. Nowadays, there are so many materials from which to choose for dining furniture. Even with all these more modern choices, many folks continue to choose rustic dining room sets when furnishing their homes. Today’s rustic furniture is generally made from wood; some continue our ancestors’ fine tradition of being made entirely of solid wood. Others, while comprised mainly of wood, have other unique features, such as utilizing glass as part of the table top, or creating the entire tabletop from an old, reclaimed door—complete with the hardware still on the door for just a touch of interest and drama. But modern rustic is more than just wood paired with glass or metal. Other rustic sets have a few accents to play on very contrasting materials, such as leather chairs or chairs made from other materials, which are paired with the rich wood of the table. Some of these contrasting materials come in the form of multiple stains or colors of the wood—one stain for the table, while the chairs are painted another color for contrast and interest. Bottom line: rustic can be old or new, and it’s all good.

Whatever the materials, rustic dining room sets are very often found in homes that are down to earth in their feel—with very earth-toned, nature-inspired hues and décor that really bring the simplicity and splendor of the outdoors into the house. These days, rustic dining sets come in all shapes and sizes. There are, of course, the standard rectangle tables; but also available are square, round, and oval tables in the rustic motif. Such dining sets are right at home in a home with a ski lodge feel, a cozy cabin in the woods, a very country-inspired home, and even very natural and minimalist homes. Rustic dining room sets fit into all of these motifs with a gentle grace that says “I’m perfect f fit for this home,”’ or “I am meant to be a part of this room.” There is a pure gentleness to rustic furniture—especially dining sets—that just speaks to the quiet, reflective nature in people. The simplicity of design paired with the often rich, natural hues of the furniture continues to make rustic dining room sets an excellent choice for many of today’s homes.

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