Design Ideas for Contemporary Fireplaces

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Contemporary fireplaces have sleek and stylish designs. Most are simple, require very few accessories and are made to look like they are just a part of the wall. Fireplaces with a contemporary design are updated, clean and work well with a modern style room.

One of the most popular contemporary designs is a fireplace powered either by gas, electricity or wood, which is simply a part of the main wall. There are no mantles to place knick knacks or ornaments on, there are no steps before the fireplace and there are no dramatic finishes either. All you have is a clean, well-finished design that makes any room look modern and stylish. Walls are painted in solid colors for this design and white, light brown and dark colors are favorites.

Another contemporary fireplace design is a fireplace that seems to be placed in a cross section of a wall. This design is not new and in fact it may even create a retro feel. The fireplace is used to divide a large room by creating a huge feature in the middle. The design is a striking one considering that the fireplace is found in a very unusual location. And this design does more than make any room pretty and stylish; it distributes heat all around the room in a more efficient manner since it is found right in the middle of the area. Again, this contemporary piece does not have a mantle or steps, creating a clean and seamless design.

Why settle for a small fireplace when you can have a fire pit! A large and intimidating fire pit sits in the middle of a large room and is filled with fire rocks. This system is powered by gas which makes it energy efficient and is least likely to bring dangerous particles inside your home. This fire pit is filled with rocks or stones of your choice (there are stones of different colors and shapes) and when lighted this creates a beautiful glow all over your room. This fireplace could be any shape but the most common design is a round one with a seamless and clean finish all around.

There are so many more contemporary fireplace designs to choose from. From drop down fireplaces, fireplaces on marble or granite walls and so many more. You may even create your own contemporary design and have an expert construct it in your home.

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