The Secret Formula to Getting Simple Landscaping Ideas

Simple Backyard Landscaping

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Simple landscaping ideas make it possible to keep your home looking vibrant today and even centuries after. As with any design projects, landscaping needs to be simple rather than complicated. It is best to use only the things that needed rather than swamp your space with unnecessary objects. Simple landscapes are not only pleasant to the eye, they are easy on the budget too. So here are some tips to keep your landscape simple:

Stick to a simple site plan

Landscape site plans are the counterpart of your home floor plan. As with planning the design of your home, sticking to simplicity makes everything easier. Complex designs might need the assistance of experts who might charge a bit high. Too much curves and bends will require advanced skill or extra labor costs. Rectangular landscaping on the other hand will not require special craftsmanship skills.

Keep the elements simple

Do you require your landscaping to have special details? Do you want outdoor lighting? Do you prefer stone pavement? These things can add extra appeal to your landscaping design. Magazines suggesting simple landscaping ideas rarely feature overly decorated gardens. Proper outdoor lighting and an inelaborate pavement is enough to form a simple, naturalistic garden. With the right kind of plants positioned in proper places, you can come up with a landscaping design that looks like a million bucks.

Use simple materials

When trying to achieve simple landscaping styles, you need to stick to the most basic materials. For example, for your pavement, you can choose between concrete and brick. Patio designs that use uniquely colored tiles are expensive to install. In addition to this setback, rare materials are hard to replace. Even if only a small part of the structure needs repair, you might need to tear everything down because you can’t find the same material. Pebbles and gravel in contrasting color is enough to keep the garden look natural without losing any level of interest. When choosing between different kinds of materials, remember the following:

  • Imported materials may not always be available
  • Faux finishes are hard to imitate
  • Some specialty materials are not built to last

In design, principles of harmony, focal point, balance, and contrast are necessary to achieve a simple yet captivating outdoor space. These are the essential features that you need for any simple landscaping ideas. Even with simple site plans, simple materials, and simple details, your garden can still look interesting.

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